SEO Case Study Update #4 – July 2020

Another month has gone by. It’s crazy how fast time can pass without realizing it. Snowboard season is in full swing here. There’s not much snow this season, but it’s better than nothing!

Let’s see how my site did. I mucked around with the homepage layout a bit, and published a couple of articles. The last couple of months haven’t been very kind, so we’ll see if the trend continues.

Traffic Overview

Unfortunately, the site did not see much improvement last month. After the Google updates from June, the daily traffic has dropped in half from around 200 per day to around 100 per day. I guess the good news is that it was stable for all of July, but I was hoping to see some upticks with new articles published.

For reference, here’s a comparison chart with June. It has basically been stuck at the traffic levels from the drop around 23rd / 24th day of June.


Nothing much has changed here, as I haven’t done anything yet to diversify traffic sources from Google. Hopefully, this month I’ll get to doing something about it.

Earnings Overview

Affiliate earnings have followed traffic, and taken a nose dive. It’s down to $240/mo from around $400 last month.

Adsense is also down expectedly:

What I did last month

I published two new articles (which was one of my goals). I did some more minor tweaks to the appearance of the site.

I was also planning on looking to create some sort of plan to get social media traffic. Unfortunately, I did not do much besides reading some blog posts, and creating a Pinterest account. I guess that’s better than nothing!

Current site stats overview:

Articles published: 21 (+2 from last month)
Monthly Earnings: $260 (-40% from last month)
Monthly Traffic: 2539 users / 2963 sessions (-27% from last month)


So, not a very good month. I have been very unmotivated recently, and did not put much effort at all into the site. I guess the results show!

Should I just give up on this site and let it fade into the sunset?

Nah, not yet. A bunch of newer articles are not ranking yet. I haven’t done any backlinking or outreach yet. Almost no effort has been put into building an email list or diversifying traffic sources.

So, I think the site still has a lot of potential — I just need to put a tiny bit of work into it 🙂.

Goals for this month:

  1. Publish two articles
  2. Create Pinterest traffic plan

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